Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about your landscape design project, Builderscape has answers. We’re on hand to relieve your doubts and make sure you understand every step of your upcoming project. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if your question isn’t answered here.

Absolutely. The team at Builderscape has plenty of experience in landscape design. We can work with you and the space you have available, pitching several options until you feel great about the plan for the project. Even if all you can do is describe what you’d like your space to do for your business, we can help translate that into the right project.
If you’re afraid that your basic shrubbery is taking away from your company culture and brand goals, let us step in and take care of it. The Builderscape team is passionate about creating beautiful, memorable, and exciting designs using both stone and pavers as well as natural materials to elevate your landscaping.
Yes — and we can help. We will include flowers, trees, and shrubs in our landscape design that are staggered to peak throughout the year. This ensures you’ll have color and engaging textures no matter what month it might be. Plus, our maintenance crews will keep everything looking tidy as the seasons change.
Fiberglass pools, on the other hand, require far less maintenance. The gel coat preserves the quality of your water and prevents most algae and bacteria so there’s less brushing. A fiberglass pool will also save on your electric bill because it requires far less filtration from your pool pump. With less maintenance and fewer expenses, your fiberglass pool will last far longer and offer a more attractive aesthetic to your property.
Builderscape is happy to offer our services to businesses, organizations, governments, and other entities of all sizes and purposes. We have partnered with cities and neighborhoods to design and install community parks. We’ve also beautified outdoor dining areas for restaurants and bistros. No matter what you might sell or offer inside your company headquarters, customers are more likely to consider purchasing from you if your entryway and landscaping are inviting and professional. We can help maximize your lot, land, space, flower bed, courtyard, entrance, parking lot, and much more.
Our maintenance crew has an eye for detail that will keep your landscaping looking clean and professional throughout the year. This includes spring and fall cleanups, pruning and lawn cutting, weeding, and diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of pests and disease.
We want your experience with our maintenance crews to be as customizable as you’d like it to be. We schedule our maintenance appointments thoughtfully, and always operate with your landscape’s particular needs in mind.
We only use items like weed, mold, and fungus deterrent — and insecticides — when absolutely necessary.
There are many instances when it’s possible that we don’t have to start from scratch when it comes to landscape design. Sometimes, existing landscaping simply needs new accents, such as refreshed stone work or a few new types of plants to address trouble areas. You might be surprised with how drastically we can boost your existing landscaping with just a few budget-friendly solutions.